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Flocking to The Lamb of Tartary, Manchester’s newest public house & grill

The Lamb of Tartary was preparing to launch as Manchester’s newest public house & grill concept from the team behind the award-winning Edinburgh Castle pub. 


  • Introduce the new concept to Manchester, positioning The Lamb of Tartary as a local, comforting and classic concept with something for everyone 
  • Land The Lamb of Tartary in the neighbourhood, cementing it as the ultimate all day and night dining & drinking spot

What we did.

With the owners of the beloved Cottonopolis venue planning a new venture in its place, we kick started activity by communicating to media the closure of the site. It was important to acknowledge at this stage that it wasn’t a complete closure of the business to avoid any negative perception for the wider owners and their other venue, Edinburgh Castle. To keep the media and their audiences intrigued, as part of the statement, we teased the new brand and concept and revealed that the new offering would arrive in early 2024. 

With media’s appetite suitably peaked, for the initial press announcement around The Lamb concept, all channels needed to first be aligned on key messaging. We built up the story of the venue by sharing the meaning of the new name and its link with the previous space to show how The Lamb of Tartary was an evolution of the popular Cottonopolis concept, creating trust with our existing audiences that the new venture would be just as loved by them. As part of this announcement, we also teased the menu offering and the launch date to drive social followers, newsletter sign ups and early bookings. This also meant we could start collating RSVPs for the exclusive press preview ahead of opening. 

To land The Lamb of Tartary, we made sure that anyone who’s anyone was invited to the venue for a preview ahead of the official opening. This included hosting a private dining experience for key media titles, giving them an opportunity to try out the full offering exclusively.

Due to tight build timelines and unexpected delays to completion, we had to push back our booked press lunch, but it was still key that media still got an exclusive experience before opening to build hype. This was particularly important as we were unable to do a first look with key media titles due to the late build. As a result, we re-invited any media who couldn’t make the new press lunch date to the launch party or for an ad hoc booking so they were still engaged. 

As a popular destination for lunch and after-work drinks, we tapped into our network of local businesses and hospitality contacts to make sure they knew the new offering was on their doorstep to turn them into neighbourhood fans. Content creators were also key as our trusted guides on the best places to go in Manchester, adding credibility to the venue. In addition, hosting our launch party with local people in attendance enabled them to get a first taster of the food and drink offering, as well as the full experience of the venue as a day and night time venue.  

To build further hype on launch day, we tied in a giveaway initiative to drive footfall to the venue by offering 100 free pints of lager in celebration. This also added value to their drinks partner, Heineken, as part of the press announcement, as well as providing a further opportunity to engage media post-launch. 

To keep momentum going following the launch, we invited local foodie content creators into the venue to try the menu for themselves, which generated 71 pieces of coverage with a reach over 1.1M. Through these strategic invites, we were able to help boost interest within the city and beyond – with creators showcasing the hero items on the menu through high quality social content.

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