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Big Fang Karaoke in Liverpool

Pressing Play on Liverpool’s Newest Immersive Karaoke Experience

Big Fang Karaoke, a brand new immersive karaoke experience from the team behind Golf Fang, was readying itself to launch its first location in Liverpool. 


Launch Big Fang Karaoke’s first location in Liverpool, building hype and driving bookings before the venue launches


Spread awareness using a network of media, influencers, and influential locals, engaging them to create amazing content that shows off the venue’s USPs


Set Big Fang Karaoke apart from traditional karaoke venues, tying in the themes of Tokyo, dead-tech, glitchwave & retro futurism

What we did.

In preparation for the launch, we crafted a range of materials to engage media & drive awareness of the Big Fang Karaoke offering to key audiences – across consumer, local & trade press. Press releases showcased key messaging around Big Fang Karaoke being a world of music, technology and nostalgia and it was about to blow some minds! Coverage from the initial press release resulted in a huge spike in page views on Big Fang Karaoke’s website, demonstrating the hype driven ahead of launch.

To drive brand awareness and reach target audiences, we invited key local media & influential content creators into the venue, hosting them onsite for exclusive preview sessions. These sessions enabled us to showcase Big Fang Karaoke’s unique offering within the city, highlighting the plush karaoke rooms, high-tech karaoke system, dead-tech decor, plus samples of the glitchwave-inspired hero serves, whilst building relationships with these influential figures and encouraging them to become repeat customers at the new venue.

The coverage from these previews led to a further spike in website views – showing the huge value and direct impact of engaging media and content creators to build hype in the run up to launch.

In collaboration with the in-house design team, we created an immersive video invite for the venue’s exclusive launch party to immediately pique recipients’ interest – teasing Big Fang’s glitchwave, dead tech aesthetic to potential guests. 

With media, influencers & local contacts on the guestlist for launch night, we gave the people of Liverpool a taste of Big Fang Karaoke’s offering by giving them exclusive access to the new waiting area, bar and of course, the immersive karaoke rooms.  We made sure that everyone who is anyone visited & shared their experience with their followers to spread the word of the launch. Once again, we saw a spike in traffic to Big Fang Karaoke’s website – with the mass amount of content shared via media, influencers and local influentials in attendance, the launch party not only built hype, but drove people to take action and visit the website to find out more.

Huge thanks from us for running everything so well last night – as ever, super impressed with Team Scoop! – Jen Wragg, Big Fang Collective 

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