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Generating Record Breaking Results for Popeyes® First Drive-Thru Site in the UK

American fried chicken restaurant, Popeyes®, brought in Scoop to generate meaningful press & influencer coverage and build hype and drive FOMO ahead of the brand’s first ever UK Drive-Thru launch in Rotherham.


Launch Popeyes® first ever UK drive-thru in Rotherham


Grow the Popeyes® fam by driving anticipation and FOMO using local media and influencers


Cement the brand in the city using our network of local businesses and partners


Get people to want to try Popeyes® more than ever


What we did.

We kicked off our second campaign with Popeyes® with a plan to generate meaningful content and drive hype to the brand’s first ever UK Drive-Thru. To do this we crafted media material for local, trade and national media outlets to communicate that Popeyes® was launching in Rotherham, with a big focus on the fact it was the first (& eagerly anticipated) drive-thru in the UK. This generated coverage in targeted publications including the Daily Mirror, Rotherham Advertiser, The Sheff and The Caterer.

As the new drive-thru site was a UK first for Popeyes®, we worked with trusted suppliers to produce a selection of bespoke car-themed merch including Popeyes® Dip Holders, bumper stickers and Popeyes® air fresheners. This was then gifted to top tier tastemakers and handed out to the day ones on launch day. 

As part of the ongoing media activity, we invited top tier local media titles The Sheffield Star and Yorkshire Live to a first look of the venue whereby the media titles were shown around the site, introduced to the senior team and invited to create their own viral Chicken Sandwich. 

To maximise visibility for the brand, we collaborated with London-based content creator @Destdol to produce fun and engaging content ahead of the launch. We planned and managed the filming of several Tik Tok videos including Destini making her own Chicken Sandwich, serving guests, visiting the drive-thru in her car and creating VoxPops with those visiting the restaurant. This content was then seeded out across Popeyes® and Desini’s social channels which in turn generated some of Popeyes® UK best performing content across Reels and TikTok. 

To tie in with the content creation day, we worked with our partner content team to create a drone video for Popeyes® to use across social, the website and internal meetings. The content which was created aimed to showcase the Popeyes® drive-thru offering in a way to build hype during the launch period. 

Finally, we invited local foodie influencers into the site to enjoy a variety of iconic Popeyes® menu items including the famed Chicken Sandwich, Biscuits and Gravy and Cajun Fries. 

This multi-media campaign generated a wealth of hype ahead of the launch and achieved all objectives. The campaign generated Popeyes® busiest launch on record globally, with cars queuing from 4:30am in the morning right through til 10pm at night. It even resulted in Popeyes® being featured on the local radio traffic news bulletins!

The Rotherham site was Popeyes® busiest launch globally with Popeyes® fans queuing up from 4.30am.

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