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Launching the Crown Jewels of Bowling in Manchester

The ‘crown jewels of bowling’, King Pins was preparing to launch its flagship venue in Trafford Palazzo, Manchester.

Scoop was brought in to deliver a multi-touch campaign to raise awareness and build the reputation of King Pins as the premiere day-to-night bowling destination in Manchester, to position the brand as the perfect spot for king-sized family fun and mates dates alike and to build hype for the venue’s launch.


Drive quality, targeted consumer awareness in Greater Manchester and beyond, building a brand that can be rolled out across the UK


Engage new fans through local influencers, building the King Pins audience on Instagram & TikTok and capturing data along the way


Throw one hell of a launch – making sure King Pins is remembered as an aspirational, quality venue for families and our bullseye target of cool mums

What we did.

In order to crown King Pins as the premier destination for king-sized fun, we started with an announcement to build intrigue around the brand, effectively communicate the unique offerings of the venue and introduce the brand to key audiences by revealing the imminent arrival. By presenting King Pins as the ultimate home of bowling for every age, we captured the attention of media outlets, generating valuable coverage and publicity in trade media,  local Manchester titles and beyond.

To further build anticipation with Manchester’s influencers and press, we sent out realistic, life-sized chocolate bowling balls as invitations to the launch dates – to tap into the campaign message of ‘King-Sized Fun’, whilst creating a really engaging and shareable experience. We worked with local and national suppliers to create the bowling balls and branded delivery boxes  – which became our key contacts’ first taste (literally) of the brand. Hidden inside each bowling ball was a HUGE invite to the exclusive launch events, perfectly representing the brand’s King-Sized offering, The gifting resulted in influencers producing captivating content of the bowling balls being smashed up, driving interest and excitement leading up to the launch.

We collaborated with two key media partners – The Manc and Manchester Evening News, to execute targeted campaigns, with diverse content to reach a wider audience via editorial, website and social coverage. We used ads on the MEN website, to target their family-focused audience, whilst co-ordinating a tailored content series across The Manc’s channels. This included a UGC-led walkthrough video to engage audiences and serve as a wayfinder to the venue and an exclusive competition to win the ‘Ultimate Bowling Package; – targeting their younger, social-lead audience and driving them to King Pins’ socials.

To ensure an unforgettable launch, we hosted three exclusive events tailored to local media and content creators. By bringing together key local figures & press titles, we maximised the reach of King Pins’ message driving a huge spike in organic search as the content landed. The content generated during these events was also widely shared across various platforms, extending the venue’s exposure even further. Throughout the launches, we collected feedback from influencers, media, and local attendees, allowing us to gain valuable insights and refine the venue’s operations. This data-driven approach ensured that King Pins continually improved its offerings, guaranteeing a memorable experience for every visitor.

Scoop’s comprehensive approach encompassing media engagement, influencer involvement, exclusive events, targeted campaigns, and continuous feedback collection solidified King Pins’ position as the go-to destination for mate dates and family fun alike, firmly establishing it as a thriving brand with the potential for nationwide expansion.

“The team at Scoop were fantastic throughout the launch of King Pins, as we looked to introduce not just a new venue to the Manchester area, but an entirely new brand! They expertly plotted out a launch PR plan which combined print, digital and out-of-home to truly hit home that the Crown Jewels of bowling had finally arrived. Despite our first venue only being open to the public for a matter of months, we saw incredible brand awareness across the region and gained invaluable insights to help us as we push forward with all our future plans. Working with the team on a personal level was a total pleasure, with their enthusiasm and professionalism second-to-none. Feedback sessions were always productive, with us and the Scoop team always pulling in the same direction to get the best results possible from the project.

From my experience working with the team, as well as observing their other work across the sector, I can wholeheartedly recommend Scoop for your next big PR project or launch.” – James Travis, King Pins

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