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Why TikTok needs to be part of your marketing & PR strategy.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, with over a billion active users worldwide. Its unique algorithm, which suggests content based on user behaviour, has made it a powerful tool for businesses to reach new audiences and engage with their existing customer base in new and exciting ways. Some people are still not convinced and could be neglecting TikTok in campaign decisions. 

Here’s why TikTok should most definitely be incorporated into your marketing and PR strategy:

Reach a younger audience

TikTok is particularly popular among younger audiences, with 60% of its users aged between 16-24. The app’s short-form video content model satisfies the short attention spans of our Gen-Z users. While more traditional platforms like Facebook should still have a place in content strategies, younger audiences are much less likely to be reached or interact with content on such channels. They respond invariably to the instantaneous, creative and personal nature of the TikTok algorithm. If your target audience falls within this age range, TikTok is an ideal platform to reach them.

SEO Impact

TikTok, like any other social media platform, can have sizable impacts on SEO. The platform’s constant use of hashtags, user-generated content and backlinks drive brand exposure and consumer traffic, strengthening a business’ SEO. Higher SEO means increased usability and accessibility of your website via search engines, therefore providing a better user experience for your customers, when their search queries are addressed.

Viral potential

TikTok’s algorithm prioritises content that is engaging and relevant to its users, which means that businesses have the potential to go viral and reach a massive audience in a short amount of time. TikTok is notorious for skyrocketing small-scale, modest enterprises and creators into fame and fortune overnight, from just one sharable, creative video idea. Anyone can do it!

Creative storytelling

TikTok’s format encourages businesses to get creative with their storytelling, allowing them to showcase their brand in a fun and engaging way. Even the most mundane of product, business or enterprise can display their entertaining and interesting edge using creative storytelling on TikTok; the infamous TikTok rug cleaners being one of our personal favourite examples of this!

Influencer marketing

TikTok is home to a growing number of influencers with large followings, making it a great platform for influencer marketing campaigns. TikTok creators seem to hold a perception of authenticity and relatability with their audiences; something that many Instagram influencers appear to have lost. One of our most memorable instances was when we enlisted the popular TikToker Destol to be a part of our Popeyes® launch event. Destol served as an enthusiastic brand partner, effectively generating excitement for Popeyes®. We collaborated with her to produce five entertaining videos for Popeyes® channels, including a video tailored specifically for Destol’s own platform, reaching her 240k audience.

Overall, TikTok provides a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with younger audiences, tell their story in a creative way, and potentially go viral. Incorporating TikTok into a marketing and PR strategy, can help you to stay relevant in your market and reach new audiences in an innovative way. Now go and get creative!

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