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Unwrapping Christmas Gift Guides: How To Get Your Products In!

Christmas is just around the corner, and for a lot of businesses it’s all about driving revenue throughout the key sales period from Black Friday through to Christmas. One way of doing this is securing key spots in various Christmas gift guides through product placement. As a result, this can pinpoint potential customers to your website and drive brand awareness, whether it’s searching for ‘gifts for Dad’, ‘gifts for girlfriends’ or simply ‘best Christmas gifts’. 

Christmas Gift Guides are highly competitive to get featured in. To help you secure your ideal coverage, we have collated some tips on how see your product featured in a Christmas gift guide:

Christmas in July 

As cliche as it is, Christmas planning really does start in July (if not before). It is important to plan Christmas early on within the calendar year. Consider learnings from the previous year and how you can improve on last year’s sales performance. If you are producing a new product, think about what this might look like and what the trends are for the year. 

To elevate the products you want to promote at Christmas, you should have your Christmas marketing strategy solidified by the end of June as key journalists will start looking for samples and products to include in round-ups from as early as the beginning of July. 

Limited Edition – Advent Calendar / Christmas Cracker

One of the best ways to secure Christmas coverage is through limited-edition product drops. Every year, more and more brands release novelty Advent Calendars or Christmas Crackers to tie into the festive season. This can help drive sales during this period, as customers can try sample sizes of your products before converting into the full size or simply enjoy your product throughout the month of December.

Journalists are always on the lookout for this year’s best Advent Calendars, so this is also a great way to get your product into the best hands to drive brand awareness. 

Gift bundles 

If you don’t quite have the facilities to produce a whole new product, another way to tie into Christmas is to create a gift set or a gift bundle. This can entice journalists to feature your product in a gift guide and can level up your product if it isn’t initially gift worthy on its own. For example, you might consider partnering with another brand or adding other elements to make this the perfect gift e.g. adding a mixer to a spirits gift set. 

When producing any gift – it is important to think ‘would this make a good gift?’ To see your product within a gift guide, consider who this would be a good present for, this could be a friend, a dad or a grandma!

Samples, samples, samples

If you are producing a new product for Christmas, such as an advent calendar, Christmas cracker or gift set, it is important to have samples available early. Media need to review your products before showcasing to their audience – they want to know how much it costs, is it worth it and what the quality is like. This is also a great way to build media relations, as once a journalist has tried (and loved) your product they will keep coming back for more information on new product launches.

Affiliate links 

As more and more publications move into a digital first approach, many journalists will only feature products which have affiliate links. This is because more publications are setting commission based targets to their journalists. If your product is on an affiliate platform, journalists can use this to generate an additional income stream from someone purchasing a product through that link. 

If you don’t have the capabilities to sign up to an affiliate platform, you can do this via a third party such as Amazon. By selling your products on Amazon, journalists can access affiliate links. 

A lot of publications will no longer feature a product if there is no way to drive commission but there are some exceptions to this. Print gift guides don’t require an affiliate link and journalists often understand that smaller brands might not have the capabilities to set up affiliate links yet and so might run ‘top 10 gifts from a small brand’ or simply just include anyway as they love the brand. 

Last minute opportunities 

If you’re developing a new product but it isn’t quite ready yet, don’t worry too much, there are still opportunities to be featured in Christmas gift guides. Once published, journalists constantly update their articles as they find even more relevant products for inclusion. With this in mind, you can still secure last minute opportunities. Alternatively, as we approach the last few days for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery, journalists start writing ‘last minute gifts which will arrive in time for Christmas’. This allows us to tap into these final opportunities to convert coverage into sales. 

Get an expert on board

If you need support gaining product placement opportunities for your brand over the Christmas period (and beyond), hiring an expert agency like Scoop can help achieve these goals thanks to the strong media connections and journalist relationships we’ve formed throughout the years.

By onboarding a PR agency, this can help drive brand awareness, increase sales and build out your marketing strategy. If you need help promoting your Christmas offering through PR Product Placement, drop us an email at

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