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Dare I say it, the Pandemic might have been a good thing… for PR.

It goes without saying that 2020 was nothing short of tumultuous. The pandemic closed, shifted, and forced businesses to adapt to a norm that no organisation could have anticipated or really prepared for, in adjusting to the severity of impact from COVID-19. 

PR is one industry that has been significantly affected, being a sector that relies heavily on communication, but, we can’t overlook that this is also one of the most robust industries. And with many companies having to explore avenues to maintain their communication lines, the pandemic may have just been a golden opportunity for the PR market. So, how has the pandemic affected the PR industry?


One of the most challenging, yet incredible adjustments has been the mandatory lack of physical contact we’ve been restricted to. This has ultimately pushed PR and external organisations to work online and quickly adapt to working from home. With working hours completely restructured, some employees have been thriving in delving deep into their work (because what else could you do?), but remote work has also prompted the opportunity to plan events online. A new challenge has arisen in how to captivate a virtual audience, but with the pandemic opening up availability and making client outreach more receptive, the physical pressures of responsibilities like event launches were a little more repressed, and that opened the door to implementing events in faster, but just as convenient approaches. 


With the world glued to their portable screens, brand exposure has never been more important to companies. The need to stay relevant and consistent within every sector created an explosion of opportunity for PR agencies, with companies in need of creative, high- quality content to represent their brand. That’s where we came in. PR agencies had the unique challenge of consulting with organisations about ideas that would represent authenticity of a brand, inclusivity of communities in a testing period, as well as keeping up with the ever-evolving trends on social media. The PR industry was tasked in creating unique content consistently and with the world at a stop, pressure to be innovative was at an all-time high, with people having nothing but time to scrutinize any content. This pressure arguably may have paid off, with standards within PR agencies increasing concurrently with their reputations outside of it!


With ROI being traditionally contentious to prove within the PR industry, the pandemic may have been a pedestal to elevating how agencies can demonstrate their value. A lot of us were stuck at home during the majority of last year, and as much as remote work became second nature, so did remote spending. We consumed, like we have never consumed before, and prompted an awesome opportunity for PR agencies to utilise SEO as a method of quantifying their campaigns. PR companies had an opening to learn and anticipate the habits of their target audience and this amplified greater methods of reporting tangible results to potential clients, and further introduced a PR service that’s so incredibly marketable! Is that a win? I’d say so.

All in all the pandemic was, and still is God Awful. But if we can’t find wholesome opportunities in what can be seen as tragedy, are we even in PR?

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