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Using data to measure and enhance PR – the new way of doing things

PR is traditionally hard to measure, but there are ways of crafting campaigns that drive meaningful results beyond just increasing brand awareness. Getting in front of the right people will help to get the results you’re looking for, from an increase in sales to getting bums on seats. 

Recently, I attended a live webinar hosted by PRmoment to hear from industry experts all about the latest techniques, tools, ideas and examples of using data to measure the success of a PR campaign. 

Here are three key things we heard about!   

  1. The lifespan of PR coverage 

Did you know there are more than 8.5 billion searches on Google’s platform every day?!  

We found out that the most common way people discover news stories is via Google search? And, typically, this isn’t just when the initial search goes live. 

Many think the lifespan of a piece of media coverage is very short, and the majority of views are the very same day, but the rise of SEO-led content means the reach of a PR news story has been extended for far longer than traditionally imagined. 

While we’ll report on the reach statistics for that day or its first week, a piece of online coverage actually generates longevity of brand awareness. It can also support ongoing traffic to a brand’s website if a backlink is included in the piece too. 

The other benefit of crafting a news story with SEO in mind is people are more likely to read the full article if they discover it via a Google search. Think about how many times you go on a news title’s website – you typically land on the homepage and mostly only read the headlines, right? 

That’s why the SEO angle of a news story is so important. In fact, nowadays, journalists are set targets of writing news stories that generate a certain amount of views per month. Journalists will welcome news stories in open arms if they have been crafted with a topical news hook that not only appeals to their readership, but is also SEO-led.

2. The power of data 

Data can be used in so many ways in PR. The most obvious way might be for measuring, evaluating and reporting on results and the success of a campaign, but it can also be used to collate insight and intelligence that informs a PR communications strategy. 

With a thorough understanding of the market, typical behaviours of a target audience and pain points, you can use real-world data to craft an emotive PR campaign that resonates and provokes them into the desired action. 

Finding an angle that will work for media is a craft in itself. While data can be used to generate news hooks for digital PR stories, and you shouldn’t underestimate its potential, it must be combined with an understanding of the types of stories your target media covers.   

We recently worked on a digital PR campaign for events discovery platform, Skiddle. The campaign was centred on predicting the weather of this year’s UK music festivals and finding out which lucky festival-goers will be enjoying the glorious sunshine, dancing in a field. 

We used a historic weather archive to analyse the weather forecast for each festival location over the last five years. We then used this data to predict the average temperature and amount of rainfall, crafting a newsworthy hook for national media. We timed our story so that it was issued when the majority of festivals were announcing lineups – a great opportunity for journalists to capitalise on trending content with people searching for festival tickets. The end result was more than 95 pieces of coverage generated! 

3. Your PR toolkit 

We also heard from Kristian Foged, founder of Simply Thought, who shared a guide to the top PR analytics tools and skills to help with monitoring, analysis, intelligence and presenting back results. 

Find out more about the top tools for audience research, news media monitoring and reporting in our blog here! 

We’re always looking to stay ahead of the curve and discover the new way of maximising our PR campaigns. Thanks to PRmoment and their guest experts for their top tips and insight! 

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