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Fro-yo information, we have a new client!

We’re so excited to be working with our newest client, the best fro-yo in Manchester – Frurt!

As it’s the start of Summer, it’s the perfect time of year to shout about starting work with this incredible brand. Our aims are to increase awareness of this passionate Manc brand, educate Mancunians on their full offering and support them on their continued path to franchising. 

After it was founded in 2010, Frurt opened its first flagship store in Manchester and has since opened up another 4 stores in Manchester, Prestwich, Bolton and Blackburn. They’re a super inclusive brand as they cater to gluten-free and vegan customers too.

As well as boasting the best frozen yoghurt on the market, Frurt’s range of refreshing goodies include bubble teas, smoothies, iced drinks, thick shakes, hot drinks and handmade cakes. 

Working with the best in the business, and using the finest ingredients and becoming their own product supplier, they offer unique and innovative homemade recipes with flavours such as taro and matcha! Not only are these super delicious, but they’re healthy too as they’re jam-packed with active live cultures, fat-free, low in sugar and low in calories so it makes for the perfect guilt-free sweet treat. Safe to say, we’re already addicted!

We’re thrilled to be working with this amazing brand, to share their story, widen their audience and help boost their business with creative campaigns and effective branding.

Here’s to a long and successful partnership with Frurt!

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