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Meet the Team: Izzy

What is your role at Scoop?

I’m a PR & Marketing Exec at Scoop. I joined the team in January 2022 after starting a Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship with the Juice Academy. Already in the 8 months I’ve been at Scoop, my role has adapted and changed a lot, my responsibilities have increased significantly and as a result of that, my confidence has shot up.

2. Which is the best PR/Marketing project you’ve worked on?

I’m currently working on the launch of Tonight Josephine’s newest launch in Liverpool – we’ve come up with some really exciting and creative activations that I have personally never seen before! I’m also really looking forward to helping out with my first PR trip for Tonight Josephine as we take a trainload of influencers to Liverpool! 

3. What’s your favourite thing to do in Manchester?

Shopping! There are so many amazing shops in the city centre and beyond; I love charity shopping and hunting for a bargain in the sales but with so many amazing independent shops on offer, it would be a crime to not shop at small and independent businesses. Outside of the city centre, I’m a regular attendant of the Makers Market at Salford Quays, I love finding unique pieces of jewellery and beautiful art for my bedroom walls.

4. What motivates you?

Doing things that make me happy. After working on my mental health since leaving University, I  have realised just how important it is to put myself first and do things that bring me genuine joy; quality time with those I love, Harry Styles, spending money on silly little trinkets and my dog, Lola!

5. What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a bit of a gamer so I spend a lot of free time playing games with my boyfriend, my friends, & my brother – I especially love Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and any Super Mario games. They help me take a step back from the real world and wind down (or wind me up if I’m not playing a super cosy game).

I have also made a promise to myself that I will start exploring more of the world now – I’m already booked in to see Harry Styles in Amsterdam next year, and I’m going for a Star Wars/Harry Potter packed weekend in London, too.

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