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Stepping away from the ‘Samantha’ of PR

The month of March is officially Women’s History Month, with International Women’s Day landing on 8th March. The theme this year was #BreakTheBias – and I wanted the focus of our blog to to centre around this and how we do just that at Scoop.

It’s a noted fact that the world of PR is a ‘female-dominated field’. With PR and Communications Census 2021 confirming that ‘67% identify as female’, this might make you think, ‘So how is an all-female team breaking the bias in a female dominated working environment?

Well, let’s face it, it can be really easy to paint a picture of certain industries based on the traditional stereotyping of their workers; wolf-whistling builders and flirty bartenders, cocky sportsmen and pretentious artists. We can get wrapped up in negative fabricated preconceptions. And it’s no different for the PR industry.

With a ‘party profession’ stigma dating back to the early 90s, it’s not difficult to connect some of today’s attitudes towards PR with flamboyant sitcom characters. Ann Friedman, author at NY Mag, notes: “Of all fictional publicists in pop culture, every notable character since the mid-’80s is a woman.” 

If I ask you to think of women in PR, the likes of Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones or AbFab’s Eddie Monsoon spring to mind. Ever-glamourous and always attending glitzy events with champagne in hand. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for Scoop – or for the majority of women who work in PR. And while highly entertaining, these expertly crafted eccentrics have left somewhat of a lasting impression, arguably affecting how seriously some PR professionals are taken.

PR isn’t all popping bottles of prosecco (though it can happen) and sipping cocktails with celebrity clientele, as Samantha Jones does. PR is about strategic planning, conceptualising, brainstorming, writing and enjoying the whole process of it. In my short time being in this world I have been doing all of that and more. So, that’s why we at Scoop are stepping away from the Samantha perception of PR… Though admittedly admiring her from afar.

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