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What is the difference between PR and Marketing?

PR: A Tale of Four Suitors

There are many definitions and ideas when it comes to the question ‘what is PR?’, and inevitable blurred lines between different marketing functions. With it being the season of love, what better way to highlight the differences between PR, Marketing, Advertising and Branding, than by taking you on a date? 

Let’s play out a scenario. Scoop is playing matchmaker this Valentine’s and has organised four blind dates with Advertising, Marketing, Branding, and PR. Their techniques in introducing themselves to you are different, but they all have the same goal: to leave a long-lasting impression on you. 

First up: Meet Advertising!

Comic strip on advertising

Advertising is a little ‘full-on’ with his messaging, but he very much wants to get it across to you, and he’ll often tell you the same story about himself again and again With this date, you might find yourself becoming more and more interested as you begin to internalise his opinions because you’re hearing it so often. The repetition with Advertising might get a little annoying, but his persistence might just do enough for you to give him a chance! 

Next up, we have a date with Marketing!

Comic strip on Marketing

Marketing seems almost… perfect for you. Like he’s been moulded just for you. He seems to really know all the traits and characteristics that make him a great date for you, and you’re basically finishing off each other’s sentences! His message to you really falls on how well he knows you, and his understanding of what you’re looking for just might pique your interest. 

This next date seems a little familiar, you’ve met him before! Enter Branding!

Comic strip on Branding

Okay, let’s be honest. This date is a bit of a shoe-in because his reputation precedes him! You’ve seen him around and he looks like just your type, so you’re walking (possibly running) to this date knowing that you’re already interested. Branding will always throw out new conversations to impress you, but truth be told, he already knows how fond of him you are… and you don’t mind that either!

And finally, a date with PR.

Comic strip on PR

It’s only fair that you know PR is our personal favourite. He’s the ultimate gentleman, so much so that he elects his most amiable friend to introduce himself to you. PR wants you to have the best possible representation of him, and wants to ensure that he makes the best impression, always. His good-natured friend, honestly really impresses you, because you learn the most wholesome facts about your date, and all that you’re left with are positive messages and expectations. You may have not met PR directly, but what you know of him so far has left you with butterflies of sheer excitement! 

Do you see what we’ve done here? More importantly, did you like it?

We’ve tried to playfully highlight the differences between advertising, marketing, branding and PR for you as, yes, sometimes the lines get pretty blurry.

As a PR & marketing agency, our campaigns often span many of these practises, so if we sound like we might be your type on paper, it might just be time to slide into our DMs. Or you could just fill in the contact form below… 

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! 

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