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Five benefits of aligning PR strategy & marketing objectives

When a business is building out its marketing objectives, it is important to consider PR strategy. The two can complement each other in a number of ways & can help align all marketing materials, & in today’s competitive business environment, it can even be essential.

Here are our top five reasons for always keeping your PR strategy in mind when talking objectives:

  1. Improved brand reputation: Ensure that your brand is consistently portrayed in a positive light across all platforms – which will help to improve your brand’s reputation & increase trust in your company as consumers will have a clearer vision and understanding of your brand.
  2. Increased brand awareness: Get your brand featured in relevant media outlets, whether this is national or more trade-focused. When your PR strategy & marketing objectives are streamlined, you can more effectively target the right audiences & get your message in front of the best people.
  3. Greater credibility: Help to increase credibility and trust in your company as your messaging will become more consistent & will clearly reflect your values and goals.
  4. Commercial benefits: Gaining positive media coverage can lead to increased sales and revenue. Aligning PR & Marketing can help to drive traffic to your website & improve search engine rankings, which can lead to increased online sales and a higher ranking on Google, making your website easier to find.
  5. Enhanced customer relationships: Create a dialogue between your company and your audience and use this dialogue to better understand the needs and concerns of your customers & build stronger relationships with them.

When you take the time to align your marketing and PR, your brand can will have a more coordinated effort that is better equipped to handle customers’ needs. After all, PR & marketing share similar goals: increasing brand visibility; driving corporate positioning and supporting sales efforts to name a few, so they can easily work hand in hand.

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