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Serving up success for Northern Restaurant & Bar

Northern Restaurant & Bar brings together leading operators, suppliers and industry figures from across the UK for a two day hospitality trade show in the heart of Manchester.


  • Target hospitality and F&B trade media via a hard-hitting press office to drive sign ups to the event from this key industry audience 
  • Cement NRB’s reputation as the leading event in the North for operators and suppliers in the hospitality industry

What we did.

Having supported Northern Restaurant & Bar for the last two years, for 2024, we secured an expanded remit and were brought in from the planning stages of the event. We kicked off activity agreeing our PR strategy which would drip feed key moments to media over the course of five months, to build hype and drive sign ups from our key industry audience. 

To drive early interest, we planned an initial ‘registrations open’ release, incorporating insight from 2023’s show to provide a stronger news hook. We also revealed a series of key speaker and show announcements throughout the run up to the event to keep engaging our target audience, as well as driving press interest. We tailored comms throughout to cater to both trade and regional media, with the aim of positioning NRB as the leading event for northern hospitality, to build profile and credibility, as well as targeting the on-the-ground operators in each of the Northern cities.

As a way to get cut-through in the media, we knew the importance of having bespoke stats to generate exclusive press materials. In previous years, NRB has released industry stats showing the state of northern hospitality, themed on UK hospitality’s bounceback and post-covid recovery. While we knew the hospitality sector had seen numerous challenges in the last 12 months, we found that the new data from CGA by NielsinIQ still demonstrated signs of resilience and strong sales growth in northern cities, providing us with our topical angle. 

Historically, this data-led story has been shared the week of the trade show and is the angle that gets the most pick up with media. However, it doesn’t allow sufficient time for exhibitors, attendees or even press to arrange attending the show. For 2024, we recommended this story be issued earlier in the year so we could build hype and secure registrations in advance. We also knew that January is notoriously a time for hospitality closures after the peak Christmas trading period, and so this story of resilience came at a very topical time with the wider news agenda on the hospitality industry. From this different approach, the client reported registrations being 32% up YOY. 

We were conscious of our steady stream of news based on the event becoming too promotional, with the knowledge that media will only cover brand-led news so many times before it becomes advertorial. To ensure a strong news hook with each, we weaved in the data sourced from CGA by NielsinIQ. By repurposing the data we had, this also extended the lifespan and reach of this insight. 

During the event, we managed interviews with media on-site, tapping into the key figures speaking on panels at the event, as well as the exclusive Top 50 Powerlist, which celebrates the important and influential individuals in northern hospitality. This included interviews with BBC Radio Manchester, MEN, ManchesterWorld and The Caterer. 

While the event itself was a triumph, we knew our work didn’t stop there as we began to eye 2025’s show. To shout about the success and drive early interest for next year, we prepped a post-show release. Historically, this has focused on highlighting the number of registrations and exhibitors at the show, but we recommended incorporating key insight that was uncovered by speakers at the event to enhance the overall news hook for media. The result was key pieces in titles including Exhibition News and Bar Magazine.

“Scoop have been an invaluable comms partner for the NRB trade show and the team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their industry expertise and dedication to making NRB a success could be seen throughout, with their work having a real impact on the number of registrations and attendees at the show. 

The team’s proactive and strategic PR approach played a vital role in getting NRB in front of our target audience. It also enabled us to really focus on other aspects of the event, making it an all-round success. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!”  

Katrina Randall, Senior Marketing Manager, Diversified Comms

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