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Elevating LGBTQ+ Excellence with the Gaydio Pride Awards 2024

Gaydio, the UK’s LGBTQ+ Station, launched the Gaydio Pride Awards with Hilton in 2023, as the only LGBTQ+ Pride ceremony outside of London. With its second year approaching, the team brought Scoop on once again to deliver full event & press office support. Scoop were tasked with amplifying awareness & cementing the reputation of the awards as a prestigious ceremony that people just HAD to be involved with.


  • To communicate the work that Gaydio are doing to champion LGBTQ+ lives within the community
  • To cement the Gaydio Pride Awards as the event of the year for the LGBTQ+ community
  • To drive awareness of the event in 2024 and help ticket sales through meaningful PR

What we did.

After a successful inaugural ceremony in 2023, Gaydio brought Scoop back on for the second official Gaydio Pride Awards ceremony. This year, with an established credible event, the goal was to amplify the awards further across the UK and cement it as a prestigious ceremony that would create a sense of major FOMO.

Prior to the event, it was key that we create a buzz around the ceremony to drive ticket sales and spread awareness of the work Gaydio were doing. 

In November, Gaydio hosted an exclusive shortlist event in London to help build relationships and drive excitement for the ceremony in February. We populated the event with key local London press and LGBTQ+ media alongside a selection of influencers to be the first to hear about the official shortlist. Influencer content of the night reached a total audience of 80.6K, showcasing the evening and spreading the word of the Gaydio Pride Awards to London-centric and national audiences.

To build excitement ahead of the official awards ceremony, Scoop crafted bespoke press releases for national and regional media to announce the final shortlist. These were personalised to suit each region and offered key information to introduce the ceremony to press who may not have previously been aware of the awards, especially for those down south. These releases were issued in the morning following the London event, with each going to media across the country whilst the nominees were announced live on Gaydio. The shortlist announcement gained 14 pieces of coverage across the UK, including Manchester Evening News, DIVA Magazine & London Post and built up the media’s excitement for the event and winners announcements.

Following the shortlist event, Scoop acted as consultants to the Gaydio team, advising on best practice of celebrity management, photography and videography and working closely with the team to ensure the night would run smoothly – actively improving on our learnings from the previous year..

To raise awareness leading up to the event, we invited key media to attend the ceremony to give them the inside scoop; offering them the opportunity to interview celeb guests on the red (well, purple) carpet and then attending the event as a guest – with a three-course meal included! As a result we saw key media RSVP for the awards including Metro, The Mirror, PinkNews, The Manc, I Love Manchester and Manchester Evening News – with high quality coverage published following the event, including social content that reached an audience of over 2.9M. These invites acted as relationship building opportunities – ensuring future coverage of the event in these titles. This approach also meant we secured coverage on the ITV News website; reaching an audience of 17M through that piece alone.

We also invited a selection of paparazzi to the event to take key celebrity photographs for national and tabloid media titles; bringing in contacts we knew would take the best shots and therefore create buzz over the LGBTQ+ icons and famous faces in attendance. This careful selection resulted in coverage of the awards in national titles: OK! Magazine, the Daily Mail and The Sun – with a combined reach of 119.8M.

To further boost awareness of the event, we invited key LGBTQ+ content creators to attend the ceremony – including Charley Marlowe, Max Balegde, Luke Hamnett and Star Holroyd. The group of 9 influencers posted over 80 pieces of social coverage between them – to their combined audience of over 2M.

We also crafted  a selection of regionalised press releases on the winners, which were issued to key media in the morning following the event. Following the event, we saw 24 pieces of coverage published on the ceremony, with an estimated total reach of 56M.

“We love working with Scoop – once again it felt like an extension of the event team and we were really pleased with the coverage from the event. Expertly managing media, red carpet, influencers and photography – it lifted a huge weight off our shoulders knowing that we could just rely on Scoop to get on with it.”

– Brett Harris, Presenter & Head of Partnerships & Marketing at Gaydio.


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