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Building up Manchester’s Heritage Fro-Yo Brand via PR & Marketing

Frurt, a heritage Manchester Fro-Yo brand, needed support to drive awareness of its brand, with the aim of building up a fanbase ahead of future expansion plans.


Drive awareness of Frurt & educate audiences on the full offering of the brand


Share the story of the brand, helping audiences to understand their backstory and future plans.


Celebrate Frurt’s heritage in the Manchester food and drink scene

What we did.

To kick start activity, Scoop began by reintroducing the Frurt brand to key Manchester media via an exclusive lunch event, where contacts had face to face time with the founders to learn about the brand’s backstory and journey, as well as giving them the opportunity to try the full range of treats on offer.

To position the brand as current and appeal to a new, younger audience, it was key to create a buzz around Frurt by inviting in key local content creators to support its social presence, as well as engaging with a series of topical and regional events. 

We devised a Harry Styles’ themed activation to tie in with when he was performing in Manchester, with a limited edition Watermelon soft serve – in reference to Styles’ hit song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ to capture the attention of Harries and local media alike. We also capitalised on the hot summer weather with creative news gen – promoting Frurt’s cold and refreshing products during heat waves, including a dog-friendly angle. Frurt’s unique self-serve fro-yo stores also provided an opportunity  to position Frurt as somewhere offering a wallet-friendly activity where kids could enjoy a healthy but delicious treat during the Summer holidays.

As the brand neared its 11th Birthday, we knew we needed to make the most of Frurt’s heritage with a celebration. We devised a giveaway for customers, where its venues would give away up to £20 worth of goodies to every 11th customer through the door. This led to increased footfall in-store. 

As well as regular press office to build awareness, we also offered consultancy on brand and social media, assisting with content creation shoots and wider strategy of the ever-expanding brand.

“Scoop and the team really took on board what our aim was and worked with us throughout the period to deliver excellent results. Communication and updates were made very easy and we honestly felt It was well worth it! We have already recommended scoop PR to other business owners.” – Shaza & Syed Hassan, Co-founder 

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